måndag 6 maj 2013

Cabernet Infinity Scarf

Sweetheart, take mum's picture, will you?

..and a close-up, please?

Ok, thanks, now give me my iPhone back!

Better take one indoors too.

I enjoyed knitting Cabernet Infinity Scarf by Monika Sirna, and I love wearing it. I used Manos Silk Blend which is really soft to the touch. Love the cabernet pattern and was inspired to put it in a cardigan. We'll see. Too many inspirations right now ;)

Ooops a shawl I forgot to blog :O

The Torild shawl is a sort of chunky echo flower/laminaria inspired shawl, only using the echo flowers and making it a chunky piece. The yarn is tremendously soft and warm. It's been finished a few months now, but I seem to have forgotten to blog it ?! As u can see, there is a christmas tree behind it ;)